• Natural Medicine

    Wellness Wednesday Update

    Today, for #WellnessWednesdays, I am doing an update on my health. Because we are moving, I have decided to wait on doing the Introduction GAPS diet until after we move. The detoxing that occurs can cause mood changes, tiredness, and other temporary side effects.  However, I am doing the Full GAPS diet. I started it last week and I’m probably keeping to it about 50 percent of the time right now. I knew I wouldn’t be as consistent over the past few days because of Easter and my birthday. I’m ok with that. I’ve never followed a diet perfectly and I don’t even think that is necessarily healthy.   There…

  • Christian Mental Health

    Breaking Free of Shame Through Jesus’ Love

    “Shame is often felt when someone experiences, commits, or associates with a shameful act. Perhaps the most common precursor of shame is trauma. When something terrible happens to a person, they often feel a great deal of shame over what happened. Shame is also experienced by people who commit reprehensible crimes, live in addiction, or experience stigmatized mental illness.” ~ ClearView Yesterday, in Living Well Faith Community, Pastor Lori talked about how Jesus freed us from shame through resurrection.  There was much more to her sermon but that part stuck with me because I battled with shame my whole life. It’s very common in people like me who suffered abuse…

  • Christian Mental Health

    Have Hope For The Future

    Today is Good Friday.  The Lord was crucified and buried today.  In three days, he rose again.  I am a part of this new covenant.  This renewal of faith.  Because he died for my sins, I am free.  Having hope means trusting in Jesus to lift me up and carry me through all the battles that come my way including the battle with my illness. Today I just want to wish you all a Happy Easter and don’t give up hope. Because Jesus died for our sins, we have so much to hope for including life after death.  I know this is short, but I just wanted to share that…

  • Natural Medicine

    GAPS Basics – Detoxification

    “Detoxing can cause damage in the body, on top of damage from accumulated toxins.  Supporting the body’s natural cleansing process is necessary to repair damaged tissues.  Dr. Campbell-McBride recommends light methods of detoxification, as intense detox programs can actually cause more harm than good by overwhelming the organs responsible for neutralizing and eliminating toxins.” ~ gapsdiet.com When I first looked at this healing program, I was curious about the detoxification part of the program.  Does the detoxification work? I guess we’ll find out but let’s learn more about this gentle way of detoxifying the body.  Today, for #WellnessWednesdays, we are talking about detoxification. We are moving in June so I…

  • Christian Mental Health

    You Can Find An Island Of Joy In A Sea Of Misery

    Chasing happiness is not the answer to your mental illness. Today, I was tagged in a post on Twitter that basically said, “Happiness is the solution to mental illness.” You and I both know it’s not that simple. Happiness is just one of many emotions that come and go.  All emotions positive and negative have a purpose in our lives. I recommend you not chase happiness to find mental wellness but seek mental wellness through your faith and other means of healing. There may be affiliate links in this post. There is no cost to you by clicking on an affiliate link. By buying products through the links, you are…

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