How Jesus Can Help You Take One Day At A Time
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How Jesus Can Help You Take One Day At A Time

Some of you know that my ex-husband and close friend, Mike, has been really sick this past year.  He has end-stage liver failure. When he was found unresponsive last Saturday, they found he had sepsis, a serious blood infection, and kidney failure along with the liver failure.  When someone is this sick, you can only take one day at a time. So that’s what I am doing.  Also, I may not be able to write in-depth research-based posts right now do to his hospitalization.

Mike recently made me his Power of Attorney for Healthcare.  What that means is while he is unable to make decisions about his care, I will make decisions according to his Advanced Directives, aka living will.  Fortunately, he is recovering so quickly there isn’t much I need to do for him right now. I am visiting him frequently and bringing our kids when appropriate. Let me update you on his progress and the healing he is experiencing through the Lord.

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Encounter With Jesus

Please keep an open mind. I don’t always understand everything that happens spiritually but I trust that God has got this no matter what.  When I first heard Mike was unresponsive, I prayed for healing and I reached out to social media and my church for prayers. With the long drive down to the hospital, I was singing and worshipping.

In my mind’s eye, I was laying at the feet of Jesus.  Normally, I see myself sitting next to or at Jesus’ feet. I was talking to him. I could see Jesus and my mom and my grandma.  Then I started to sing and dance for Him. The Jewish people in the Old Testament would often sing and dance in worship to the Lord.  

I felt the urge to take Mike and hand him to Jesus.  So I picked him up and handed him to Jesus in my mind.  There is always light around Jesus and this filled Mike.  I felt peace and joy and had no doubt that Jesus had things under control.  It was very freeing. Jesus told me that it would have to be Mike’s decision to be healed.  He had to agree to get well.

Praying Over Him

Sunday at the family meeting the doctor emphasized the seriousness of the situation and rightfully so.  Then I was able to go and pray over Mike in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). He was starting to open his eyes occasionally, was on a ventilator, a breathing tube, had IV lines, a feeding tube, a central line and dialysis catheter in his neck and other tubes in his body with several machines surrounding him. I laid my hands on him.  As I was praying a chaplain came and encouraged me to pray out loud. I’m kinda shy about praying out loud so that was just the push I needed and so I did. She did too. Also, I played his favorite music for him, Aerosmith which he loves lol.

I prayed for him as it came up in my mind throughout the days I was at home.  I had no fear for him because I have seen the healing power of prayer, Jesus’ healing power in my own life.  For those who haven’t heard about it, I was healed through prayer of 20+ years of chronic pain due to herniated discs in my neck and damage to my lower back.  So I knew he could be healed.


Your Words Are Powerful

This is why your words are so powerful. Only speak over yourself the things you want to happen. If you tell yourself you are a failure then you will be a failure. If you tell yourself you are successful, then you will be. Read more about this here. I often have to rephrase what I say to be positive or at least neutral.

We received daily reports of rapid healing progress from the nurses.  None of the medical professionals expected him to recover so quickly. When I came down on Wednesday to see him, he was off the ventilator and was talking and responding.  Our oldest son came with me even though they have been estranged for a while due to personal issues between the two of them. I know it meant so much to Mike to have him there.

So I prayed over him again and sat with him and played Aerosmith.  We had another family meeting as well that was cautiously optimistic. Basically, if he had no setbacks, he would be moving out of the ICU in the next few days.  I called for an update from his nurse this morning. He is already getting out of bed and will be sent to another unit possibly today if a bed is available. Mind blown again!


Take Away

I must tell you how the Lord amazes me by lavishing love on myself and my loved ones.I have no doubt that He is responsible for this healing.  Thank you Lord for all your love, grace, mercy, peace, joy, guidance, healing, and provision. So I am taking one day at time but because the Lord has got this, I know that no matter what happens I can rest easy.

How are you taking one day at a time?  Are you leaning on the Lord?

Thank you for reading my blog.  Leave comments, questions, and prayer requests below.

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