You Can Overcome The Illusion of Sickness Through Spiritual Healing
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You Can Overcome The Illusion of Sickness Through Spiritual Healing

I’ve been working on praying over people for healing.  The Lord has been teaching me about the way it works. He recently told me that sickness and sin are an illusion.  Now don’t get upset. This doesn’t mean that your mental illness, chronic disease, or circumstances are not real or valid in the physical world. It means in the spirit world they don’t exist. This means you are whole and healthy in the spirit.  

Jesus took on sickness and sin when He died on the cross and when He arose everyone who said or will say in the future yes to Jesus is free from sin and sickness. This is so important for us to know so that when we pray over people and ourselves we are praying for that wholeness to be manifested in the physical world. This #wellnesswednesday we are talking about spiritual healing.

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A Whole and Healthy Spirit

So I’ve spent most of my life seeing my circumstances, my illnesses, and my sins as who I really am. This is dangerous because first of all these things are not who I really am and secondly, by focusing on how I am not good enough because of my circumstance, my illness, and my sin.  Jesus tells me that I am everything he wants in a child. I am enough as I am. When I started focusing on being enough, I opened myself up to being able to see my spiritual health. You and I already are everything we need to be in the spirit.


Healing In The Spirit

In the past, when I prayed for healing, I would list all the things that were wrong with me – pray that the mania or depression would stop, that I would be free of gluttony, that my memory wouldn’t suck. Now when I pray for healing for myself and others I focus on seeing that area as whole and healthy.  Here are some examples:

  • When I pray over my ex-husband’s liver which is failing, I see it whole and healthy and pink.
  • When I had no money in January, I focused on the abundance that the Lord has provided us and He did provide for me and my kids.
  • When I pray for the healing of mood swings, I see myself having a normal mood doing all the things that can be hard to do when your depressed or manic – like showering, going to work, and spending time with the kids.

Focusing On Living In The Spirit

More and more I focus on living in that whole and healthy spirit and I find that I am healing more and more every day.  The Lord is guiding me to things that can heal my mind like eating foods that help mental health or praying/meditating. You can read more about foods for your mental health here. He’s helped me cut out things that worsen my mental health like nicotine and caffeine – things I never thought I would be free of! He has helped me cut out antidepressants while I’m in this season of elevated moods because they do worsen my mood swings. I’ll talk more about that in another post.


Wrap Up

The more time I spend believing and living in that whole and healthy spirit I become more and more whole and healthy in the physical world.  If you’re having trouble seeing yourself as anything but sick, ask the Lord to show you who you really are. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by what he shows you.

How has the Lord touched your life recently?

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